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The Biddy Way

“God is first, teammates are second, family is third, and I am last” — The phrase that guides the Way of Excellence and the coaches and players of the Biddy Basketball Organization.


Firmin Simms, Director of Biddy Basketball since 1996, was influenced by the Catholic teachings of Holy Cross High School and discovered how sports could be instrumental in helping kids develop life values and lessons drawing them closer to Jesus. Not only did his teams often attend church together and meet with the priest for special blessings, but they were also given special books they continue to hold closely to their hearts. Simms instilled hope, encouragement and words of wisdom with blue books he made for each of his players. To this day, many of his ex-players carry this “De Colores” book filled with stories and prayers to motivate their everyday lives. Simms coaching was based on thriving for perfect practice, playing with heart, sportsmanship, and putting God and teammates first. “Way to Excellence” is not only the title of this inspirational book Firmin Simms gave to each of his players, but now it is a way in which Biddy Basketball players continue to live.


Not only did he impact Biddy Basketball players, but he also instilled in participating coaches that, “above and beyond winning they were to be a positive influence in the lives of their players.” As the National Director of Biddy Basketball for 24 years, he won 17 championships as both a coach and a director.

A Legend

Remembered as a legendary youth coach and mentor, Firmin Simms was active with Biddy Basketball from 1981 until his peaceful passing in 2020. He was a highly decorated Babe Ruth Baseball League coach for 46 years. Simms coached with NORD and JRPD Westbank and secured a record 5 World Series Championships. 

Inspiration & Guidance

Today the Biddy Basketball organization carries on Firmin Simms Way of Excellence in every season on and off the court.

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