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Biddy Basketball was originated in 1951 by Jay Archer, Executive Director of the Youth Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The game of Biddy Basketball was developed to teach both boys and girls the skills and fundamentals of basketball. Instituting the concepts of an imposed height limit, shorter goals and a smaller ball made the game of basketball competitive for younger players. 

Mid 1950s

By the mid 1950s, Biddy had spread nationwide with tournaments held to determine a national champion for twelve year old boys. The U.S. government recognized the value of Biddy and sent Jay Archer to South America and Asia as a good-will measure to conduct basketball clinics and begin Biddy programs. 


Jay Archer’s dream came true in 1967 with the first International Tournament in which teams from 10 nations and commonwealths participated.


Henry “Dunk” Beter became Director of Biddy Basketball in 1970 following the loss of Jay Archer. As a former Director of the New Orleans Recreation Department, “Dunk” was well aware of the value of youth sports in the development of a child’s character and physical capabilities. Biddy continued to grow under “Dunk’s” leadership with the addition of the boys 8 and 10 year old age bracket, as well as the girls division.


Following “Dunks” retirement in 1986, Firmin Simms, who had been active in coaching for the New Orleans Recreation Department since 1955, as well as, serving as Assistant Director of Biddy under “Dunk” Beter, assumed the role as Director. As an active advocate for youth sports, Biddy Basketball continues to thrive under his direction and we continue to see many Biddy athletes progressing into the high school, collegiate and professional ranks.


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